Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moments and stories in Japan

So first to get you in the mood there are some things I have noticed in Japan or learned about that you may know or find interesting, odd, crazy, or not. But as you have entered my world I guess you can just choose to stop reading at any time.
1. Some interesting things I have learned include the thought of cute. Everything should and has the possibility of being cute. From little dogs to government documents they are all cute. I even saw insecticide with a cute little dying bug on it.
2. Tradition is important! especially in Kyoto (from my understanding) because Kyoto is where most of Japanese traditions became refined and therefore defined Japanese culture. Many schoolchildren from all over the country flock here to understand and see this city of their heritage. And this being said sometimes I am a bit aggravated (I will blame my cultural ignorance on this) because it seems that tradition is more important than reason. There are many examples of my experiences of this but I think I should leave it at that as not to offend.
3. Vending machines are all the rage and sometimes even creepy (though I have not seen them as maybe they are smart and put them near other areas I shall not and would not go, and also feel uncomfortable talking about on the internet) They are everywhere. Coke, tea, hot coffee, and many other things available like starbucks in the USA. Sometimes there are just a few too many just a little too close.
4. It seems as if the dental business is booming over here as you see them everywhere. I even saw one that looked like it belonged in Beverly Hills!!! But I have no idea what they do. I know what your thinking, people have teeth and they need to be cleaned, and straightened, and so on. But as I look around having nice straight white teeth is not so much in fashion. To my understanding for a girl to have slightly crooked teeth is cute... I know they really like cute things. It is called "yaeba" or double tooth.
5. The thing I may never get used to is that they lock their bikes. As in they have a lock on their bikes that is a lock... the bikes are just locked to themselves... not to anything... just like a lock through the spoke of their wheel. And there are hundreds of them. They just sit out all the time. That is all the theft deterrent they need. Amazing!

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